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Dell Repair

Know the Hacks for Charging the Battery

We all need energy. Humans require food for making them charged up for the day to day operations and in the same way, computer demands to be charged well. Get the detailed instructions helping you to charge your Dell effectively.

  • Switch off the system and locate your batteries.  
  • Turn your PC upside down and check for the latch to pull out the cells out of it.  
  • It must be half of the length of the PC and its bay is at the edge.  
  • Take a side of the adaptor and place it to a jack into your Dell and place another one into a socket or you may call it a supply or power source. You may use it and charge when the power is activated but it is always advisable to turn off the PC while it is charging as it may reduce your time of charging and will avoid the PC from any damage in near future. If you stuck somewhere in the process, promptly reach Dell Repairs Center where our support panel and technical staff will guide you through the steps completely.  
  • Check for an orangish-yellow light indicating the charging being made. In case of different colors being flashed, it means that your device is overheating. If this is the case, eliminate the adapter and hold till the battery cools down.  
  • Do not unplug it until it receives a green signal indicating the battery is being fully charged up. This can also be checked from the desktop on the right-side at the corner.

Let our Tech Support Experts reach you. Just dial our Dell Repairs Number +64-99509154 and take the help of our technical and professional staff for getting any Dell related help like how to install the new version of the software or how to open the disk drive manually or the non-working keyboard. Reaching us through live-chat isn't also an issue as our software engineers and professionals are highly qualified and experienced with the subject. 


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