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Dell Support helps to connect wireless mouse through Bluetooth

Some find out the touchpad to be inconvenient and opt for a Bluetooth connected mouse instead. It isn’t different from the standard one excluding just the wireless part. It requires the hardware to get in synchronization with the computer taking few minutes for the connection to get appropriate. How amazing this feature is! This isn’t enough; Dell is system software inhibited with multiple characteristics and attributes that make it better from the rest. Get connected with our support team at Dell Laptop Service Center to get answers with respect to all such bewildering questions with relevancy and ease.

 How to turn it on? 

  • Turn on the device and check its power button on the bottom. 
  • Hit the start button on the desktop and hit the control panel button. 
  • Move to the option of hardware and sound from the window and then hit the link of connecting the two devices.
  •  Hit the add button and let it scan for some time. Check out the name of your device and verify it well.
  •  Choose the mouse and hit the OK button. Now, exit out of the install window and check your mouse by moving the cursor well.

 On a market survey, we encountered that some user’s mouse disconnects randomly at any time. Below are few steps we examined to be well written which many took to solve the problem.

  • Hit the button Win + X and hit the device manager. 
  • In the window, click on the option of Bluetooth adapter.
  •  You will be displayed a set of options, hit the uninstall button. 
  • Reboot the system and install the drivers.

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 If the problem isn’t fully eliminated, you must continue with the steps below:  

  • Again hit the Win + X button for selecting the device manager.
  •  Locate the Bluetooth adapter and right-click on it. 
  • Move to properties now. 
  • Uncheck the checkbox stated with allowing the PC to turn off the device to save power.

 In case, you need a technician to solve out your queries one on one over a call rapidly, reach Dell Repair Helpline Number – 092805551 for the best solutions at your doorstep. We have laid down the possible ways which can bring out the fixation with ease. Reaching us through live-chat method isn’t even a menace as our support team allows video conferencing too. 


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